Activities Report 2020
Public Health Rotterdam

Life as a junior researcher

Junior representation at the department

The ‘Junioren Vertegenwoordigers Overleg’ (JVO, translated to Junior Representatives of the department of Public Health) strives to represent the largest group of employees at our department; junior researchers and PhD candidates. It is crucial that junior researchers have a body that can advocate for their rights, and can communicate their needs and wishes to the rest of the department. Consequently, the JVO acts as a bridge between junior researchers and the other staff members, is the point of contact for any matters regarding junior researchers, actively improves working conditions, and organizes events focused on the PhD trajectory and career development.

Outcome PhD Survey, Nienke Broderie, Supervision 2020

Satisfaction with supervision

Compared to 2018 satisfaction increased for many aspects of the PhD life in 2019.This year, the impact of COVID-19 can be seen in many aspects, including 44% of the PhDs feeling less productive. PhD students at the Department of Public Health were in general very satisfied with their supervisor(s), MGZ and their colleagues.

Events for junior researchers

Scientific Writing Course for Junior Researcher in 2020

The JVO organized the Scientific Writing Course for Junior Researchers for the first time. The course is given by Hester Lingsma. We started this course because not everyone was able to get in the obligatory course “Biomedical English Writing and Presenting Course”. With this course we ensure that MGZ juniors all can attend a scientific writing course. In 2021 we organized the second round. We aim to organize many more!

PhD requirements lecture

We had our annual PhD requirements lecture online on 23rd November 2020. Lex Burdorf started with explaining PhD requirements for a PhD at the MGZ department. Each year we give the word to a recently graduated PhD student. This year Daphne Voormolen gave a presentation about her PhD trajectory. She talked about her experiences, trajectory, struggles and most importantly her happy moments.

Does the COVID-19 situation influence your research?

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Starting life as a junior researcher at the Department

The Introduction part of the JVO is focused on helping new juniors at the department find their way during the first few months! We team them up with another junior from the department who acts as the “buddy” of the new junior. COVID-19 also had its impact on introduction: Buddy meetings were online, new juniors couldn’t meet colleagues as easily and so we needed to think of new and improved ways of making new juniors feel welcome at the department. Extending the buddy system to interns was a big step and we introduced monthly meetings for new juniors and interns which feature a small presentation at the beginning and end with some time to get to know each other better.

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